About Percheron Horse Association of America

The Percheron Horse Association of America is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the purebred Percheron Horse.

In 1876, a group of Percheron breeders met in Chicago, Illinois, and formed the Norman-Percheron Association and the first stud book was started. This was the first purebred livestock association formed in the United States. The following year the name Norman was dropped. In 1905, Percheron breeders again met in Chicago and formed the Percheron Society of America which continued until 1934, when our present association, the Percheron Horse Association of America was formed as a non-profit organization.

At its height the Percheron Association registered in excess of 10,000 head per year and was the largest draft horse association in the world. Our association set many of the registration standards, most of which are in widespread use in today's many livestock breed registries. Our present association has nearly 3,400 members representing all 50 states.

The modern association, as in the past, is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the Percheron horse. Our association office processes all registrations and transfers of ownership, publishes a quarterly breed magazine, and the Percheron Stud Book of America. The Association helps support a National Show and sponsors a World Percheron Congress every four years.

Our association is run by eleven directors elected by the members. We hold an annual meeting for members at various locations around the country, on the last Saturday in October. Our association is presently registering about 2,500 new horses each year and records over 4,000 changes of ownership each year.

In 1992, 14 1/2 acres were purchased and a modern building constructed to headquarter the Percheron Association and the Percheron Education Fund. Since then we have constructed a new 42X60 horse barn and an outdoor arena at our location in Fredericktown, Ohio.