USDF All-Breeds Awards

The Percheron Horse Association of America (PHAOA) is a participating organization of the USDF All-Breeds Award. The award is designed to recognize the accomplishments of specific breeds in dressage, and the awards are presented to horses declared for a participating registry or organization. For a horse to be eligible for the PHAOA All-Breeds award, the horse must be registered with the PHAOA, and its owner must be a current PHAOA members in good standing and have paid the $75 fee to the PHAOA to participate. To be eligible for the award, a horse must be declared with USDF and PHAOA by August 1st of the award year in order to participate.  To view the USDF requirements and eligibility for the award, visit the USDF Specific All-Breed Award Rules.

Download the USDF All-Breeds Awards Form

PHAOA will be recognizing champion and reserve champion awards in these open divisions: 

• Training Level
• First Level
• Second Level
• Third Level
• Fourth Level
• Prix St. Georges
• Intermediate I
• Intermediate II
• Grand Prix 

Visit the USDF website to learn more about requirements and eligibility for the All-Breeds award.