Percheron Horse Association Of America Educational and Charitable Fund

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There is a unique relationship between the Percheron Horse Association of America and the Percheron Horse Association of America Education and Charitable Fund. To save time and space, the Percheron Horse Association of America will hereafter be referred to as the Percheron Association and the Percheron Horse Association of America Education and Charitable Fund will hereafter be referred to as the Education Fund.

The Percheron Association and the Education Fund are two separate and totally independent non-profit corporations. According to the Articles of Incorporation and By-laws, the Percheron Association was organized “for the purpose and with the objectives of the preservation, recording, certifying, and publishing of pedigrees of Percheron horses, and for promoting and maintaining the purity of the Percheron breed”. This corporate organization took place in 1935 , and replaced the old Percheron Society, a stock corporation.

The Education Fund was formed in 1991, for the purpose as stated in its Articles of Incorporation and by-laws as “organized for the purpose and with the object of providing cultural, historical, and educational insight into the Percheron draft horse by future youth and breeders of Percheron horses. To conduct studies, instruction, training, and research for the continuous growth and perpetuation of the Percheron draft horse of America. To make available gifts, grants, and scholarships to the youth for continuous perpetuation of the Percheron Horse”.

The Education Fund was founded on a donation of $100,000 from one of our members who wishes to remain anonymous. The Education Fund then raised additional funds, primarily through donations from members of the Percheron Association. The Directors of both associations met and decided to invest the money held by the Education Fund in an office building for the primary use of the Percheron Association , which had outgrown its tiny office space. This building would have the dual purpose of being used as the corporate office for the Education Fund. The Percheron Association pays $14,500 per year in rent for the office building to the Education Fund. After insurance and taxes, the Education Fund has approximately $11,000 to spend each year on youth and perpetuation seminars, programs and projects for the Percheron Breed. The Education Fund also receives donations from time to time which are used for these same educational programs.

These two corporations operate out of the same office and share the same corporate Secretary/Treasurer and office staff. Four of the five present trustees of the Education Fund have also served as past or present directors of the Percheron Association.

The Education Fund owns 14 ½ acres of land near Fredericktown, Ohio. In 1994, JP Farms (Jim and Peggy Mills) of Marshall, Illinois donated a barn for the Education Fund property. Blue Ribbon Farms (Albert and Karen Cleve) of Farmington, Missouri, paid for the excavating and driveways for the barn plus milled lumber to be used inside the barn. One of our Amish breeders donated rough lumber for the stalls and many members gave of their time to work on the barn. The Education fund has spent several thousand dollars on the barn for electric, concrete flooring, a new arena behind the barn and will spend more in the future on fences, driving paths, etc. We are currently working on an open sided addition on the barn to house our donated horse equipment. We now have a headquarters where members can come to visit, enjoy events such as plowing contests, and attend the several seminars which we offer during the year right on our own property.

The Education Fund affairs are managed by a board of five trustees and a secretary, who handles the day to day operations. These trustees are John M. Cole, William Egolf, Jerry Hancock, William Heston, and Richard D. Lee. Mr. Lee serves as president, Mr. Hancock as vice-president and Mrs. Mary Ellen Williams serves as the program director. Education fund trustees serve a five year term and one of the director’s terms expires each year. Each year, the trustees whose term expires is either re-elected or replaced by the Education Board. This corporation is a bit different from the Percheron Association which has an eleven member board that is elected by the members of the Percheron Association to three year terms.

The Education Fund has a 501-C3 exemption from federal income tax which provides donors to this fund the greatest assurance of a hassle free tax deduction. The Education Fund’s 501-C3 exemption is a benefit to the Percheron Association also. This is due to the fact that a 501-C3 status allows for tax-exempt donations which are not a part of the Percheron Association’s incorporation. In the event you make a donation, you will receive a statement for your tax records from the Education Fund. At the current time we are looking for the donation of a restaurant style stove and a refrigerator to help out the folks who feed our students or guests at our various events held at the headquarters.

If you have any questions about the Education Association or making a donation to this fund, please contact our office. We will make every effort to get you a speedy answer.