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Long before the invention of the motorized truck and farm tractor, the Percheron draft horse provided the power to build and feed our nation. Now this noble horse provides the power, substance, beauty, and style as America's work and recreation horse for the twenty first century

Congratulations to all exhibitors at the 2013 National Percheron Show.

Grand Champion Stallion: Westwind King's Talisman 305334, exhibited by Pennwoods Percherons.
Grand Champion Mare: YF Hillary's Isabel 306480, exhibited by David Anderson.
Grand Champion Gelding: Country Road King 306069, exhibited by Wilson Farms.
2013 Premier Sire: Rockets All-Star Flash 292389, owned by David H. Anderson.
Winner of the Mare Six Horse Hitch: All-Star Farms, Nick and Cherie Wagner.
Winner of Gelding Six Horse Hitch: Shining Stars, Mitch and Dianna Marquardt.


Thank you to our 2013 Percheron Queen Brooke Daly from Chapel Hill, Tennessee. You did a terrific job..

Percheron Horse Association of America